About us

The Original Reusable Cotton String Shopping Bag Estring Bags is an Australian owned and run business which is leading the way in the supply of high quality, eco friendly, reusable cotton string shopping bags at affordable prices. We have a proven track record and are confident that we have the knowledge to provide you with highest quality products. So whether you are an enduser or a major company looking for a natural alternative to plastic bags. Contact us now and you will not be disappointed with our products, pricing and commitment to customer service. So be it 1 or 1 million cotton string shopping bags, contact the string bag company that is getting the results. Our quality flagship range of biodegradable, 100% cotton string shopping bags under the "Estring Bags" label offers you, gorgeous bright colours, exceptional value, highest quality and best of all they are eco friendly and inexpensive. We think they are trendiest natural alternative available in the market place today, but don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Biodegradable - 100%: At the end of life, our cotton bags will naturally 100% biodegrade when disposed of. Remember that fossil fuel based plastic type bags, including non woven polypropylene bags (common name Supermarket green bags) polyester & nylon material can only degrade, breaking down in smaller and smaller pieces that we now know damages our environment. Broken, degraded plastic pieces already outweigh surface zooplankton in the Central North Pacific Ocean by 6 to 1. Reusability - 100%: One bag; many uses. They are routinely used by all the family as; Shopping bags, Grocery bags, Fashion bags, Beach bags, Gym bags, Footy bags, Tool bags, School bags, Laundry bags, Baby bags, Travel bags, Toy bags and Fishing bags to name a few. The appeal of the style, vibrant colours and functionality ensure that bags quickly travel via different family members. Children take them from mum and Grandma, teenagers love them as a fashion statement, and dad takes them to the gym or fishing. Triple Bottom Line: For businesses, sustainability is a powerful and defining idea: a one that creates profit for its shareholders while protecting the environment and improving the lives of those with whom it interacts. It can operate so that its business interests and the interests of the environment and society intersect. A sustainable business stands an excellent chance of being more successful tomorrow than it is today, and remaining successful, not just for months or even years, but for decades or generations. Increaingly, businesses and consumers are expect to find ways to be part of the solution to the worlds environmental and social problems. The smart companies are finding ways to turn this responsibility into opportunity, and we are here to help; 'Making a Difference Together'. Estring Bags Call Us Now:1300 424 800