Printing Methods


In this page, we would like to introudce you the printing methods, Normally we use the following printing method to print the bags.

1) Silk Screen, Use of screen printing is for printing non woven bag, cotton bag, polyester bag and RPET bag.
Screen printing is a printmaking technique using a fine woven mesh (screen) stretched over a rigid frame. A "negative" image of a design is created on an acetate film and placed on a screen pre-coated with a photosensitive substance. Then the screen is exposed to a light source creating a stencil for the print.
Multicolour screen printing requires the use of several screens (one per colour) and a great precision in overlapping images to obtain a very accurate printing.

2) Rotogravure ( Roto or Gravure for short) PP woven bag, Lamination Non woven bag

3) Heat Transfer, Non woven bag, Cotton bag, Polyester bag

4) Offset , Paper bag, Kraft paper bag

5) Dye sublimation, Cotton bag, Canvas bag, Polyester bag

6) Embroidery